Creating a micro-farming site calls for investment since the group of developers, designers, and writers involved need to be paid. We are a group of specialists that dedicate time to provide quality information on this niche regularly.

However, the term “micro-farming” is not something we hear in the street. Even if we search it on Google, it will not give us a considerable amount of sites to visit and learn about it. For this reason, we think that posting fresh content every day may be complex and the efforts of our team must be rewarded.

Besides that, we pay developers and designers every time we need to add updates, new designs, and plugins. There’s no need to say that every site requires maintenance services, and we also need funds to afford it.

Despite that, we plan to leave our site free as ever. Each one of the Niagara Farm Project sections is free to visit.We do not offer Premium accounts to users. Registration is also free, as well as the time you may spend browsing.

Overall, we accept donations that will be used for maintenance, design updates, and payroll. All the donations we receive are used to finance other projects associated with the sustainable use of resources and breeding in small places. We are planning to support micro farmers as well.

We have different payment methods for donationssuch as PayPal, wire transfers, and credit card payments. We will never ask our users to donate on command, as donating is a voluntary act. Since Niagara Farm Projects is a Canada-based site, we receive donations in Canadian dollars, but we also accept USD and Euros.

If you want to donate to our platform, drop us a line via email. Also, if you want to donate to us via Bitcoin or use any other payment method, contact us via email at and we will sendyou our detailed information. We will always appreciate your contribution.