Technology Everywhere – 3 Ways Farming Has Improved With It

Since the industrial revolution, human life has changed exponentially in areas like transport, living, eating, and even industrial farming. Now, we can produce high-quality products in a fraction of the time due to the technology improvements in that field.

If you want to know about the technology improvements in farming, keep reading to know about the best ones.

Mechanization of Labor

Nowadays, we don’t have to use manual and animal labour to work in our fields because there is machinery to do all the heavy lifting. Human labour is now restricted to machinery operation and handpicking the produce to pack it.

While many people claim that machinery is leaving farmers without employment, it has greatly affected our society.


Genetics Improvements both In Crops and Livestock

We don’t need to rely on the performance of random seedsanymore, as people can engineer seeds that tolerate harder conditions, grow faster, among other benefits. The same principle applies to livestock as the animal can also be created to develop faster, produce more dairy and even be bigger.

It Affects Other Industries

The fast improvement of overall farming technology has affected other industries allowing them to develop. Without the industrialization of food production, online casinos like Canda slots,and online gaming, among other advances wouldn’t have been possible.

People can relax a little more about their food needs and concentrate on other necessities thanks to technological advancements.

Although the industrialization of the food industry has come with lots of cons, the pros are too great to be ignored. Were you aware of these technological improvements in the food industry? What others do you know about?


3 Permaculture Principles Everyone should Follow

Permaculture needs to be more popular in the world, as applying it will result in having more food, spending less money, and being healthier. For some people, it looks complicated but following certain basic principles, you will succeed easily.

If you want to know more about the basic principles for permaculture, keep reading to jump on the bandwagon.

Nothing Goes To Waste


You can make the most out of your waste and use it for your permaculture garden. The leftover organic elements from your everyday meal can be used to make compost, as using one will allow you to have high-quality homemade manure. If you want to process your waste more effectively, you can use red wigglers.

You Can Make the Most Out Of Your Space


Don’t complain about not having any space for farming and capitalize on every corner of your house. While traditional farming needs a specific structure, permaculture grows in all organic spaces without having a disadvantage.

If you don’t have any available space, you can also grow herbs in pots and keep them near to your house.

Use Perennial Crops in Your Planning


Permaculture is all about smart gardening and having perennial crops will keep the replanting work to a minimum. Also, the soil will have time to regenerate, as you won’t be messing with it so much.

Having a high-quality food source at home is possible and affordable, but you need to invest a little time and effort to harvest the rewards. Have you ever heard about permaculture before?


3 Reasons Why Permaculture is Important for the Future

Traditional agriculture is destroying the soil because people don’t think about the longevity and sustainability of their farms. While most people only know traditional agriculture methods, other alternatives can be equally effective.

If you want to know about the high impact permaculture can have on the future, keep reading to find out.

It Allows Building Food Forests


Have you ever thought about who waters the forest? Well, nobody does it because the forest supports itself without any human intervention. Permaculture helps us to build sustainable ecosystems that eventually will take care of themselves. A food forest is not a science fiction notion, as we can build them effectively.

Do you want to be lazy in the future and simply reap the rewards? Sounds too good to be true, right? However, the reality is a little more complex, as to establish a sustainable permaculture site we have to wait for a considerable amount of time. It’s all about the design and the execution of the idea.

It Can Link Us to Nature


Permaculture can help us regenerate soil while at the same time being sustainable and even profitable. While our relationship with nature hasn’t been the best one, this kind of farming assists us in understanding how complex ecosystems are.

We will be working together with nature to gather food while at the same time taking care of it.

It’s Low Maintenance


Some people say that it’s more like gardening than farming because it doesn’t involve heavy machinery. The tools are smaller and less invasive, but the outcome can be even greater than using traditional agriculture methods.

Once established, you simply have to keep your eye on plagues and the rest will work itself out.

While we say we are trying to preserve the world for our children and grandchildren, we are not learning and practicing sustainable agriculture. The starvation crisis in the world will end once people take in their own hands the tasks of effectively feeding themselves.