About-UsOur site is dedicated to micro-farming; we consider it one of the most sustainable ways to leverage the resources provided by nature. On our site, you will see useful posts and tips that may be of great help. We believe that it is possible to make use of the resources anywhere without destroying nature.

Our site is entirely educational; we do not sell micro-farming products or services. To this effect, we only provide information to people interested in this form of economy. With that being said, we do not advertise brands, businesses, products, or anything similar, but you will learn a lot about this eco-friendly farming method.

We are a company committed to keeping our visitors updated. With the development of technology, micro-farming is changing and becoming even more profitable. Many companies are creating micro-irrigation technologies and foods for animals in micro-farms.

We’ll also inform you about the new anti-infestation systems, diseases, and intruders that affect productivity.

We understand that being a farmer is not easy because it takes time while requiring knowledge and funds to do it. At Niagara Farm Project, we will show you how to balance these all and make the most out of your micro-farming project. Moreover, you will learn how to create your micro-farm in places you considered impossible.